Marlene Dytoc


Dr. Marlene Dytoc is Clinical Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, at the University of Alberta. Dr. Dytoc has investigated the novel use of topical tacrolimus in vitiligo, topical imiquimod and calcipotriol-betamethasone dipropionate in morphea or localized scleroderma, the role of topical vitamin D in dermatology, and topical quetiapine in protecting against ultraviolet-induced skin damage.

She was a principal investigator in an investigator-initiated study on the novel use of imiquimod in the treatment of plaque-type morphea or localized scleroderma, supported by a research grant from a pharmaceutical company, 3M/Graceway Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This study was a collaborative effort undertaken and analyzed with a pediatric dermatologist, pathologist, radiologists, a dermatology resident, and a medical student.

Her current projects include a collaboration with Dr. Xin-Min Li, Chair of Psychiatry, to evaluate the protective effects of topical quetiapine against ultraviolet-induced skin damage in-vitro, in mice and human volunteers. Her research interests in integrative health research include the role of diet (e.g., dairy and sugar) and botanicals (e.g., aloe vera) in alleviating dermatologic conditions specifically acne and atopic dermatitis.